Friday, February 25, 2005

The Pope is going to DIE

I met this really cool guy yesterday named Horace. He is 78 years old and overcame Leukemia 15 years ago through natural medicine. He had the same incurable form of cancer that Linda Frum had, and he beat it without aid from the military-pharmaceutical-petrochemical complex.

Horace wears the coolest shades. He said "I'm a teenager with a 78 year old body". What a guy.

Do you know what he says every morning? "WOW! I WOKE UP TODAY!!! Not many people my age did. But I woke up today, and man am I lucky!". That is one positive outlook on life.

If you feel like the world's got you down, check out Horace's website:

He has no obvious message than to simply BE. To BE happy, well, and stay positive. Nothing wrong with that.

We need more people thinking like Horace if the Pope is about to pass away. I heard there would be three days of darkness after old PJP2 passes on. There will definitely be a spiritual and political vaccuum. Who's going to fill it?