Saturday, April 16, 2005

Guest blogger: Gullible Nation

I recently asked a few friends to submit guest blogger entries, and the first one came from Darryl "Pops" Braaten.

Gullible Nation

Darryl Braaten

With Canadians soon to go to the polls again to elect a government, here is what I predict to be the outcome, based on good old fashioned lemming predictions.

First of all the Liberals in the campaign will bring out the scary trump card bemoaning that the Conservatives will:

• Destroy health care.

• Disallow gay unions or shall we say ‘special privileges’.

• Put Canadian soldiers on the ground in Iraq (we already have a Canadian destroyer on the way to the Mid East and soldiers in Afghanistan).

• Bring Canada closer in all ways to the USA. Martin already did that this spring with his signing of the accord with Mexico and USA. Many Canadian companies are already supplying technology and materials to America’s War in Space program.

• Squash the rights of minorities.

• Close off immigration.

• Cheat the Natives.

• Make the East Coast a work for welfare state. (Gee, I thought that was already happening)

• Scaremonger the city mayors they will lose their infrastructure funding if the Conservatives win.

• Destroy the environment. Seems like the Liberals who have been in power for years are doing a good job of it.

• Just about every fear that good old fashioned ignorant Canadians who can’t see the forest for the trees will fall for.

What Else?

They’ll tell our poor cousins in Eastern Canada if you don’t vote Liberal, the Conservatives will give you a shovel and set you to work. And you folks will buy it.

They’ll threaten Quebec with cutting them off the Federal teat of the money flow. And Quebec will give them enough seats.

They’ll threaten what is left of the Canadian Manufacturing base in Ontario that workers will lose jobs en masse to offshore competition. (Although that is happening more and more and will so under Martin’s sell off to America and Mexico). Ontario will again fall for the lie.

Saskatchewan and Manitoba will be a mixed bag of Tories, NDP and Liberals. They too will succumb to the Mouseland Story. But fear of losing whatever money Mr. Martin will promise the farmers and ranchers.

Alberta will go Tory 100%. The only province with enough sense to see through the sham that has been Liberal CONfederalism for years. At least they’ll get it right.

British Columbia. Well, they’ll send their usual contingent of Socialists and will be gullible enough to follow the Liberal Provincial party line and elect enough Federalists to assist Mr. Martin. The interior of the Province understands. They will send in their usual Tory contingent.

Wet coasters or shall I say Left coasters will vote Liberal simply because they can’t think of voting NDP. If they have a look, the two are pretty much the same. They’ll send a mix of both from the Lower La-La Mainland.

My prediction is that the Liberal party will return to power with either a slight majority, or we will again have a minority government.

Canadians are predictable as the sun rising and setting. For the most part, a gullible nation of dumbed down masses. They loath the Liberals, but fear what the Tories may do.

They prefer the Liberal lie to the honest truth of integrity in government. Don’t forget to spend the 16 bucks Mr. Martin gave you as a tax break this year.

You think the Gun Registry was a fiasco, wait until you get a load of the Kyoto Cash and National Day Care largesse being mismanaged, your tax dollars at waste.

Hey. Mr. Martin, how about returning some of the 46 Billion you overcharged the working class on the Unemployment Insurance deductions.

Here is what a lot of Canadians are saying, “This wasn’t the Paul Martin Government who did this, it was Jean Chretien and his gang.”
Excuse me, ignorant people, would you please wake up? Martin was part of Mr. Chretien’s gang and so were most of the Liberals sitting in Parliament. In the last election, if you didn’t notice, over 150 Liberals were elected, all of whom are pretty much part of the old gang. If you check the records, there are not 150 new Liberals sitting in office. Sheesh, when I hear that asinine comment, my blood just boils at the ignorance of people.

It’s the same old circus and the same old clowns folks.

Like dirt swept under the carpet, they know its there, but will put up with it, just like always.

Good little soldiers, just following orders, like mind controlled slaves you are. Docile, easily handled, lemming-like, sheeple, blind following the even blinder. Listen to the government, they know what’s best, you timid Canadians.