Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Jaywalking the Publication Ban

Well, the Martinite Gomery Inquisition is trying its hardest to plug the holes in its publication ban created by Canadian bloggers over the weekend. Why? Well, one form of logic states that everyone has a right to a fair trial, and a fair trial includes having jurors who are untainted by media coverage concerning the issue at hand. But really, will it be that hard for Gomery to find "untainted" jurors? Justice Gomery can take heart that there really are a lot of uninformed people walking the streets - Jaywalking that is.


The lawyers on this case should take comfort that they can hire none other than Jay Leno to help them find jurors who haven't the foggiest idea concerning current events. All they would have to do is send Jay Leno out on the streets of Toronto, and they could find some really ignorant people who don't give a rat's ass as to what's going on here.


Maisonneuve has just highlighted something important: Montreal's La Presse is owned by none other than Liberal Oligarch Paul Desmarais - yes, the man who owns the path to power in Canada, and who has made kings of rich Quebec lawyers since the days of Trudeau. As Maisonneuve queries - guess whose daughter is married to a Desmarais progeny?


Writing about Gomery, Gmart had this to say: "We cannot act as individuals because we are part of a social culture that demands subservience to a hierarchy of Liberal control."


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