Monday, April 04, 2005

Warren Kinsella - Lost in the blogosphere

Now, Warren Kinsella is a fairly well-known and respected member of the blogosphere - why? In his latest post he shakes a finger of shame at the Globe & Mail, CTV and others who have, in his eyes,broken the court-ordered publication ban regarding the Gomery Inquiry by linking to websites in other jurisdictions. Wake up Kinsella - the internet is a free market of ideas that do not obey court-ordered publication bans. Warren Kinsella, defender of the Stalinist mode of media straightjackets would prefer that we don't know what's going on. He'd prefer that we put blind trust in corrupt elites rather than trying to find out for ourselves. I for one, do not wish to legitimize such illegitimate and draconian bans on information.

The Canadian media have paid very little attention to the Gomery inquiry because it lacked the razzle-dazzle they wanted. By introducing a publication ban, Justice Gomery has just escalated the attention Canadians are willing to pay to this, and I doubt that any violations of this publication ban will go prosecuted. The publication ban has engaged folks who would otherwise not have paid notice to this; Gomery has piqued our interest in it.

Kinsella argues that the Tory bloggers should do everything they can to make sure that no mis-trial is declared, and that bloggers should do everything they can to help Justice Gomery do his job. But let's not forget that it was Paul Martin who appointed Gomery in the first place. It's a free country Kinsella, and anyone can link to anything they want irrespective of a court-ordered publication ban. He's just choked because an American blog has stolen the show.