Saturday, April 16, 2005

Unification the real Canadian Bilderberg agenda

A couple of years ago, I brought up the importance of the Bilderberg meetings in shaping the Canadian political agenda. The 2003 attendance of Stephen Harper was a signal that the Global Crony-Class had placed its bets on Harper taking the leadership of the Conservative Party, and it proved to be a pretty good indicator of the outcome of the Conservative Leadership Race. They seem to be pretty good at picking the up-and-comers, as Bill Clinton was but a podunk Governor when he went to a Bilderberg meeting.

Unfortunately, I have been among a handful of Canadians, besides Edmonton's See Magazine and anonymous posters to Indymedia websites to comment on the Bilderberg meetings. David Frum and Mark Steyn, both noted Canadian “Journalists” have attended, but nether has commented on the inner workings of these meetings. Why is that? Conrad Black should invite National Post columnist Colby Cosh to this year's event, and he should be allowed to blog live from the venue, just to prove that the Bildies have nothing to hide.

The real Canadian Bilderberg agenda has nothing to do with health care, marriage or Charter Rights. The real hidden agenda is that Mssrs. Martin, Harper, Harris, Manning and Klein all agree on one thing: that Canada must integrate further with the USA, and this could be a bad thing. Several of these clowns have been the stars of a Canadian political drama that has been unfolding in recent weeks, and it's pretty clear that they are using social issues to distract us from economic ones.

Masters of the Universe

Readers may wish to bone up on their understanding of the informal consensus-generating mechanism that is called "Bilderberg". By far the best report on the Bilderberg meetings in recent memory is Pepe Escobar's article for the Asia Times where he detailed the rift in the 2003 meeting over the issue of Iraq. The main points of Escobar's article are:

* The Bilderberg meetings enable world leaders to form an informal consensus and create a forum away from the public eye where disagreements are allowed to air amongst the attendees.

* The Nazi-sympathizing Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands formed them in 1954 to "increase understanding between Europe and North America".

* The Bilderberg meetings are usually held just prior to the G-8 meetings to give a preview of the issues for G-8.

*In 2003, an "influential Jewish Banker" (Soros? Rothschild?) warned that the West was on the brink of financial meltdown.

* Part-time employees at the 2003 meeting were sent home, the ones left were ordered not to speak of what they saw or heard, nor could they speak unless spoken to by a Bilderberg attendee, and finally, they were told not to look attendees in the eye.

In other words, this is a meeting for global movers and shakers - most of whom are beholden to the ideology of destroying nationalism through economic ties. It is based on the idea of economic determinism - that economic ties are stronger than political ties, and if you want to break down nations, you work on their economic linkages.

Party Time

Each year, Sir Conrad Black and his partner-in-crime Henry Kissinger get to invite all their buddies to the big Bildie-bash, as they sit on what is called the “Steering Committee”, which shapes the themes of these annual meetings. Just like any boys club, you want to invite people with similar interests and goals - such as something called the “neoliberal agenda”, as the commies call it.

Any shortlist of Canadian Bilderberg Alumni ought to include: Paul Martin Jr., Jean Chretien, Mike Harris, Lloyd Axworthy, (all 1996, Toronto), Stephen Harper, (2003, Versailles), Frank McKenna, (2001, Gothenburg), Ralph Klein, (1995, Zurich), and Preston Manning,(1998, Turnberry, Scotland).

On one hand, I highly doubt that Conrad and Kiss secretly brainwash every Canadian attendee into some sort of privatization Manchurian Candidate, but on the other, I equally doubt that the meetings are inconsequential to the general theme of Canadian politics. These politicians are wedded to a common ideology of political economy - be it “neoliberal” or otherwise - and seem to be invited on this basis. But the overarching ideology - at least as it pertains to Canada - is that of continental integration or unification.

Unification - the Real Agenda

The main ideology of the Bilderberg meetings is that of unification. It seems logical that any attendee would hold continental unification as a virtue, given recent developments in Canadian politics. Last month, Paul Martin met with George Bush and Vincente Foxe to work towards an integrated customs union between AmeriCanexico to foster trade, which, it seems, has failed.

I would encourage you to read this link. Now, if Martin really did fail this meeting by bringing up bilateral trade issues at a trilateral meeting, isn't it odd timing that he returns to a veritable sh*tstorm of political sh*thawk-testimony upon his return to Canada? Come to think of it, the Gomery mess didn't really fire up until after this meeting. It's not a conspiracy, but man, the timing is great.

Thankfully for Martin, fellow Bilderberg boys Harris and Manning have decided to pick up the unification slack and have come up with a plan to integrate Canada more completely with the USA. The Fraser Institute report entitled: A Canada Strong and Free, calls for less government involvement in health care and overall public spending - things any conservative would agree to - but the media is ignoring one omission: it also calls for increased integration with the US and its ever-increasing debt-bomb, which is worrying many economists around the world. You can read the report HERE.

As if in chime, the Canadian media has focused on the strawman of "healthcare reform" HERE, HERE and HERE. This is a fake issue that will serve to keep Canadians distracted from the real agenda of both parties, and will omit any public debate over whether or not it is in Canada's best interest to implement the policies outlined in the Council on Foreign Relations agenda called "The Task Force on the Future of North America. Or T of effin' A, as I prefer to call it. You be the judge and decide whether or not that is the future you want for Canada. In my estimation, it's not that rosy.

I've noticed a methodology of smoke-and-mirrors politics here. Just like Adscam tends to distract attention away from bigger scandals such as the UN Oil-For-Food program, the Harris/Manning report has created some "election fodder" for the Liberals and Conservatives. Of course, not that the NDP are any better, because they'll bite the hook, line & sinker. Already the lefties are getting distracted by it.

An Illusion of Choice

Here is how it works, folks. Manning and Harris (inadvertently or not) dropped a "Medicare Bomb" in Harper's lap, which allows Martin to go on the offensive through fear-mongering and going on about the Conservative's "hidden agenda". Uncle Ralph chimes in whith his two cents, reassuring Canadians that he won't scrap the Health Act. It's all a dog-and-pony show, becuase these guys can all agree on one thing: that inegration is good - but is it?

In case you didn't read the first part of this article, did you know that the characters in this two-bit drama are all Bildie-buddies? Does that even matter? I think that it does, because the "Healthcare Bomb" dropped by Harris and Manning has drawn attention away from where these guys are in agreement. These boys really want greater economic unification with the US and hope that we will be distracted enough with medicare to ignore it.

From the Report's Executive Summary:

"Trade and Security Through a Canada-US Customs Union: After examining the decline in Canada’s international influence and relationship with the United States, Harris and Manning propose advancing Canada’s interests in continental trade and security via a new Customs Union with the US. They propose the creation of a common tariff and quota system, elimination of rules of origin, mutual administration of common tariffs and trade regulations, and mutual acceptance of responsibilities for border security."

So here we have Manning and Harris dropping some useful election fodder to make it appear that the Conservatives are ganging up to gang-rape medicare, and Martin, eternal defender of Canadian values, can essentially hold medicare hostage for an increasingly older population who are risk averse and would prefer things to stay the same. What a conflict. What high political drama! Isn't it weird that Uncle Ralph gets to chime in as the voice of reason in the midst of this rhetoric war?

Agenda Hidden by Both Parties

I can guarantee you that the real hidden agenda is not the Conservative's position on medicare, marriage or any other social issue - all these are political strawmen to give the illusion of choice. The choice seems to be between a corrupt incumbent government offering social liberties and a challenging (hopefully less corrupted)government that offers economic liberties. Either way, we're gonna get a party in power that integrates Canada with the US and makes us more dependent on this market.

But is that what we want? By the looks of things, it might not matter.


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