Tuesday, March 22, 2005

CBC silences Don Hill - again?

Something shady is afoot. As stated in my March 22 entry HERE, Don Hill was scheduled to do an online broadcast at the U of L's Globalization Studies website with Dr. Tony Hall.

More on this later, but Tony has been circulating the word that the CBC made moves to prevent Don Hill from broadcasting.

**CORRECTION** I contacted Tony Hall, and he says that Don will speak in class, but that it will not be webcast. But now it appears as though Don didn't even go.

"The idea has been raised on posting a
notice" Don Hill's webcast presentation has been censored by the CBC."

"Don is currently driving towards
Lethbridge to attend my class. Yesterday the official CBC position was
that if he spoke at the University of Lethbridge he would be fired. He is
still on the pay roll apparently. His union, however, is apparently
treating the matter as "intimidation." We'll see what happens tonight. Try
to tune into www.globalizationstudies.org . My view is that we need need
to politicize this whole affair in a way that is supportive of the CBC but
critical of its officials (ie Don Orchard) who betray the important public
trust that we have given them. To me Don Hill has lived up to the public
trust we invest in our CBC broadcasters. We need to take the issue beyond
the CBC to the issue of the bad and corrupt government which prevails in
this oil-rich oligarchy. The treatment afforded Don simply encapsulates a
more pervasive malaise that permeates the USocentric,
privatization-obsessed, conflict-of-interest-infested power structure
here. If Alberta was a corporation, it would be Enron and its CEO would be
Enron flunky Dim Jinning. Maybe we can start to shape the Friends of Don
Hill, globalizationstudies.org, your blog and other agencies of the Axis
of Enlightenment into something with the capacity to bring about positive
change in Alberta and beyond,

Thanks for the interest,

Tony Hall