Sunday, March 13, 2005

Cops shoot to kill

The recent RCMP shooting in Mayerthorpe will no doubt give those security-related government agencies enough of a justification to advance the Canadian police state even further. But the advancement of the police state doesn't come from the Federal level, but from the local level of policing.

Here we find a story about an Edmonton man who was shot 7 times for brandishing a knife. SEVEN damn times.

"Officers yelled several times for him to drop the knife," he said, adding the man then yelled at the officers he was going to come at them with the knife.

"Both officers (drew) their weapons and fired. They really had no option but to draw their weapons. They felt an immediate threat to their lives."

Around 9:20 p.m., one officer fired five shots at the man, while the other cop fired twice, said McLeod. But he said he wasn't sure which officer fired five or two from their 9-mm, police-issue Glock pistols, or how many rounds hit the man. "

Let's not forget it was local police who stalked an Edmonton SUN writer.

Yup, the local cops can shoot to kill and get away with even more since those four RCMP officers were slain.