Saturday, March 19, 2005

Maybe Marcella knows

Here's something for you. From Islamcity, there's an interesting theory why the CBC's Counterspin was pulled due to political pressure:

"I believe that the very popular CBC program "COUNTERSPIN" too was
unceremoniously cancelled by the CBC because of pressure from Jewish lobby
groups and right-wingers, who thought the program was giving too much chances for Canadians to express their views against Israel and the USA. In one of the episodes, the famous Jewish criminal, lawyer Alan Dershowitz, was mauled by Rabbi Michael Lerner. Towards the end of the show, angry Dershowitz scolded the show host Carol Off, and, lo and behold, it did not take too long for the show to be shut down.

. . .

"It's about privatization and it's about control. Business owns so much medi
a already. The CBC is the only 'mainstream' kind of news left, if it gets
rid of it's public debate shows there is no voice left for regular
Canadians. That is my fear, we are being shut up." - Vive Le Canada"

Maybe my cousin, Marcella Munro, who produced it would know for sure, and maybe she'd have some insight concerning the behind-the-scenes politicking that goes on at the CBC. Such insights might help me in my quest to document the saga of Don Hill. It looks like she's back in Burnaby, as Sean Holman has found out. Marcella looks strikingly like my Mom.