Thursday, March 03, 2005

MSA seeks Enron Probe

I will be trying to get to the root of the hows and whys concerning the recent dismissal of Don Hill by the CBC for his airing of the Enron saga in Alberta. The Market Surveillance Administrator originally stated that the tapes pulled out of the Enron warehouse did not represent new evidence, and that no new business in the federal inquiry into Enron's dealings in Alberta is needed. The Competition Bureau has stated that these tapes were taken into consideration in its 2002 ruling that Enron had not broken any criminal laws.

So it would initially appear that Don was off his rocker last Monday when he tore into Enron over this evidence.

But as the Globe & Mail reports, the MSA has changed its mind and is seeking a federal inquiry over the below conversation:

“Oh, my God,” replies Mr. Storey. “Well, that's so ... finally you guys, you and Powerex are, like getting together to screw Alberta, basically.”

“Yeah, yeah,” the Canadian manager says.

“Well, ... that's better than just getting screwed by Powerex,” Mr. Storey says, again laughing.