Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Filmmaker says rude awakening about oil is coming

I first met Greg through my friend Sheryle who works with the Boiling Frog Film collective, at the Global Visions Film Festival, where I was invited to talk about the oil-cash nexus. His message is generally a hard sell in oil-rich Oilberta, but he has plenty of receptive ears in Edmonton.

Assuming that Peak Oil is not a myth used by the oil companies to justify profits for re-investment into better extraction and end-use technologies, I would argue that this energy impact will not be gradual, but spiked, as the folks at Dieoff.org argue in the Olduvai Gorge theory.

Energy Bulletin
Canadian filmmaker Greg Greene has oil depletion on his mind and has made it his mission to spread the news of something that he and others think may be the biggest and most under-reported story around.

Greene's film, "The End of Suburbia," will be showing at the Images Cinema in Williamstown on March 8 at 7 p.m. Writer James Howard Kunstler, who is featured in the film, will field questions following the screening.

Greene had to talk to industry insiders and scientists at to find out the basic issue of oil depletion.