Sunday, March 06, 2005

Dinning: Albertans complacent with surpluses

Uh, no Jim. It sounds your forecasters have become complacent and have consistently under-estimated government revenues. You know, lower our expectations so you can wow us each year with bigger and better numbers. More accurate modelling would close the gap. Those economists at the Treasury are smart guys.

But then you wouldn't have anything to brag about, would you?

I'd say Albertans have become complacent with something else.

Budget surpluses are revenues in excess of expenditures. It's always funny how budgets are only "unbalanced" when they are in deficit, isn't it?

From the E-town Journal:

"Former treasurer worried Albertans becoming complacent

Former treasurer Jim Dinning says he worries Albertans are becoming complacent about the province's strong economy and hefty surpluses.

Dinning was in charge of the Klein government's cost-cutting in the 1990s.

He made the comments in a speech yesterday to northern Alberta mayors and reeves.

The former treasurer is touted as the frontrunner to replace Premier Ralph Klein after he retires. "