Sunday, March 06, 2005

Post-secondary funding leads throne speech

From the CBC. You'd almost think that Old Uncle Ralph saw coming, the federal lump of coal that was called "federal funding for post-secondary education".

"EDMONTON – The Conservative government kicked off the first legislative session of Alberta's 100th year with a promise to invest $3 billion in an endowment fund for post-secondary education.

The money, funded by future budget surpluses, will help pay for a Chinese studies program at the University of Alberta, a province-wide digital library and new scholarships.

Premier Ralph Klein had earlier promised to pay for any tuition increases universities and colleges put in place this year, essentially freezing fees for students."

I put it through gizoogle as well, just to be fair.

The Next Alberta W-to-tha-izzill be a Brotha in Learn'n

That's why tha niznext Alberta wizzle continue ta be a rappa in ballin'.

The children of Alberta already benefit frizzom one of tha bizzle education systems in tha world. Its success is due ta dedicated students, outstand'n teacha, n a high-quality curricizzles . One, two three and to tha four. Alberta will continue ta invest in its children's futures by weed-smokin' initizzles T-H-to-tha-izzat build on tha strong foundation of tha kindergizzle through grade 12 system n enhance learn'n opportizzles fo` students across tha province doggystyle.

Previous efforts ta strengthen tha education system is already show'n results: class sizes is com'n dizzle n will meet tha Learn'n Commission guidizzles two years aheezee of schedule, n our students continue ta outperform they killa on national n internizzles tests.

N-to-tha-izzow, it's time ta makes sure thizzat tha province's post-secondary education system is able ta meet tha needs of tha next Alberta doggystyle. A strong post-secondary education system is crucial fo` continued economic diversificizzles growth n prosperizzle as wizzell as personal fulfillment aww nah. Strengthen'n tha post-secondary learn'n system is tha government's top priority dur'n this centennial year.