Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Alberta Government Laughs at "Code of Silence" award

I just received an email through the Canadian Association of Journalists with a link to THIS Calgary Herald article stating that the Alberta government has mockingly accepted the CAJ's "Code of Silence" award for the most secretive government in Canada.

Here's what Hugo Rodrigues, from Woodstock ON had to say in that email:

"Klein's office released a statement on having been chosen as winners, even
calling the award a "cone of silence." I can't find the release on Klein's
or the AB gov't's website. But his statement has drawn some reaction, with
CAJ president Paul Schneidereit being interviewed on it.

The Edmonton Journal ran the story yesterday, here the version
reprinted by the Herald (subscriber access).

Alberta Tories accept Code of Silence award
The Klein government mockingly said it will accept the Canadian Association
of Journalists' annual Code of Silence Award, which it earned last year as
the "most secretive government body in Canada."

Ah, the Stalinist Republic of Oilberta.