Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Harper, you're screwed

So Stephen Harper claims that the Tories will vote in the original budget, but will oppose the "Buzz Hargrove/NDP" amendment to it.

CBC, quoting Harper:

"It's our intention to support Bill C-43, the original budget," Harper said on Tuesday night. "We'll oppose Bill C-48, which was the deal with the NDP, which is complete irresponsible fiscal policy."

Okay, and what if Paul Martin somehow retracts the amendment, or the NDP introduce an amendment to amend that amendment? What if PMPM somehow whips out his playbook of constitutional technicalities, citing "You didn't say Simon Says"?

Either way, the original budget will pass, and maybe Martin will somehow weasel his way out of the amendment vote.

What if, eh? I seem to recall that the original budget wasn't that popular with everyone, so maybe Martin has concocted the Hargrove Amendment (Which, by the way is meaningless due to its wording) in order to make the original budget look better by comparison?

So if the original budget passes, this is a vote of confidence in favor of the government.

I'm waiting to see which Jedi Parliamentary trick will follow the vote on the first budget.