Monday, May 23, 2005

Non-corporate Bloggers

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Partly due to the popularity of Alberta Blogs, I have gone and started an anti-blog ring of all the corporate bloggers out there who are perverting the blogosphere with their Mainstream Media pulpits. Folks like Lorne Gunter and Paul Wells who claim to be bloggers, yet strangely turn their comments off. Sort of like Andrew Coyne has done.

As I have stated before, Newspaper writers are not bloggers, and in full concurrence is MKBraaten.

Here is why Andrew Coyne suspended his blog's comments feature:

"The comments have frankly gone to seed, overrun with western separatists, Bilderberg conspiracy theorists and various other cranks."

Hey, I am the only person in Canada to mention the name "Bilderberg" without the words "conspiracy theorist" in the same sentence. The Bilderberg meetings are an important global consensus-forming mechanism.

Furthermore, Coyne lumps in Western Separatists with the Bilderberg "Conspiracy theorists". What a crock. Alberta Separatism is a real channel of anti-liberal angst in Alberta, and to dismiss it as crankdom is foolish. It's real. So maybe that means that the Bilderberg cronies really do have some influence on Canadian affairs, eh?

The suits at the National Post must have gotten nervous with all the comments featured on Coyne's blog and they have probably pressured him into turning the feature off until a non-anonymous blog comment feature is invented or used. He's the new Zerbisias.

Coyne has just stepped out of the blogosphere and has become an ONLINE NEWSPAPER COLUMNIST. I therefore have added him to the Non Corporate Blogger Hitlist of MSM bloggers who do not enable the comments feature on their blogs. To his credit, however, he still links to the technorati threads that are commenting on his posts.

Until then, they are just newspaper columnists posing as bloggers. In Skater terms, "Poseurs". They would be better off bloggin anonymously as the blogger at Right Ho! has done.

If you can agree with the Non-Corporate Blogger Manifesto, then boycott the blogs on the MSM hitlist until they enable true, two-way blogosphere communication on their blogs.

If you want to join me in the fight, not to rid the blogosphere of these MSM bloggers, but to get them to become true bloggers by turning on their comments, then fly the non-corporate blogger button and link it to the Manifesto.