Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Peter MacKay: What goes around comes around

First: Let's be clear: Belinda owes the conservative party over $300,000 dollars!

Now, as for Peter MacKay,
From today's Toronto Star:

"Tory insiders now say he was one of the last to know of Stronach’s planned defection.

MacKay got the news early today and had the unhappy task of notifying Conservative Leader Stephen Harper.

“If he was smitten a few weeks ago, he’s probably smoked today,” said a party source.

Harper didn’t get a call from Stronach herself until moments before she appeared at Prime Minister Paul Martin’s side to make the jaw-dropping announcement.

Stronach would not discuss MacKay in detail, saying their relationship is a personal matter."

From Toronto Free Pess:'Back-stabbing Belinda' jumps ship to return to Liberals

All I gotta say is, in reference to Peter MacKay getting backstabbed is this: What goes around comes around. <- Click to see a photo with the caption: " David Orchard and Peter MacKay shaking hands in the hotel room where they negotiated and signed the agreement which ensured MacKay winning the PC Party leadership."