Tuesday, May 10, 2005

If it wasnt for State Rape, Libs would never get paid

Probably one of the most interesting articles I have read in a long, long time.

State Rape

The Scandal of Public Intrusions into Private Lives

Beryl P. Wajsman 28.July.2003

“Die Gedanken Sind Frei…My thoughts freely flower…

Die Gedanken Sind Frei…My thoughts give me power

Never to cater… To Duke or Dictator

No man can deny…Die Gedanken Sind Frei;"

---Anthem of the German Student Movement in pre-war Germany (as translated by Pete Seeger)

The violation of our thoughts and the paralytic fear caused to our spirits by excessive state oversight are as much acts of aggression as the breach of physical integrity caused by rape. If we have one boast over totalitarian regimes, one over-riding advantage, it is not in matters of materialism. It relates to matters of the mind and of the spirit. To those issues of natural law that, having a broad base in morality, protect our individuality and conscience against direct and indirect interference by government. All human progress centers around one continual rebellion. People, as citizens, in revolt against oppressive laws and insisting upon a personal accountability to conscience above the state. Liberty, inalienable, as the way of life.

Government was to exist for man, not man for government. The aim of the state was to be security for the individual and freedom for the development of his talents. The individual was to be protected from authority itself.