Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Trouble on the blogrolls

Victor Marciano and the Calgary Observer , both members of the Blogging Tories and Alberta Blogs, have gotten into a bit of a tift concerning a theory about Belinda Stronach possibly being a Liberal Mole within the Conservative Party. Victor had some remarks about CO's theory, which I find interesting. Here you have Victor, who is somewhat of an insider, denouncing the theory altogether, calling it "nutty... tinfoil hat too tight - nutty". But he doesn't offer reasons why it's nutty. Nevertheless, it is an interesting theory, and you should check it out. The Calgary Observer has removed the Blogging Tories blogroll, but still links to Marciano vis-a-vis the Alberta Blogs blogroll. Let's hope they can stay linked through Alberta Blogs. If anything, it could serve as a test case that geography creates a tighter bind than political philosophy.