Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Magna Competitor files for bankruptcy after Stronach's move

Check out this post at Reality Expanded.

This is a mind-numbing thought. Good-bye Bombardier and Bell; hello Power Corp. and Magna! Wow.

"And today, Tuesday, Magna's US competitor, Auto-parts supplier Collins & Aikmans filed for bankruptcy protection. They must understand the Canadian Liberal Party's mehodologies: now that all of Jean Cretien's family and friends are no longer able to feed from the public trough (ref. the Gomery Commission, Bombardier's recent loss of Federal funding and subsequent stock market plunge... beware Bell Expressvu!) there will be billions of freshly paid taxpayer dollars available to throw at "non-advertising" based Canadian companies who know how to hide from the likes of, sharp as a razor: Shiela Frazer, such as , oh... say Magna!"