Friday, May 06, 2005

Loitering around Europe

It's always interesting to note how world leaders seem to loiter around Europe just prior to the annual Bilderberg meeting. Case in point: President Bush, who, while he is not expected to be on the offical Bilderberg 2005 Guestlist, seems to be loitering around Europe in a spatially optimized fashion.

Last year, President Bush was visiting Pope John Paul II and Silvio Berlusconi at a locale near the Stresa meeting, and quite possibly could have dropped in briefly to make an appearance at Bilderberg 2004. This year, he is visiting Latvia, which puts him near the 2005 Bilderberg destination in Munich.

Our glorious leaders from Ottawa will also be loitering around Europe this week as they attend WWII ceremonies in Holland next Monday, and it would be very interesting to see who makes their way to Munich a day early - if at all. I doubt that either Mssr.s Harper or Martin will be able to fit in a Bilderberg appearance this weekend, but it would certainly be interesting to see who attends. So far, no official guest list has been released.